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We’re excited to reveal our new GGHQ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Time Trial Community Event!


Rules of submitting times are pretty simple, and as follows:

  • The selected game is MarioKart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch
  • Each week, a new track will be randomly selected and announced on the GGHQ Discord (nb Only default retail tracks will be available)
  • Once a new track is selected, you cannot submit times for any of the previous weeks’ tracks.
  • Once a track is selected, you can attempt a time by navigating from the main menu to:
    • SinglePlayer
      • Time Trials (150cc)
  • All karts and characters are available for selection
  • Your time will be the total 3 lap time (or full course time) and can be submitted in the dedicated #MarioKart Text Channel in GGHQ Discord and must be submitted no later than 9am the following Monday (7 days) after the map is selected.
  • You can submit as many attempts as you wish during the 7 day period, but as soon as the next track is selected, your best time is then locked.

Photo proof of times/ghost will be requested if not provided

If a competitor fails to submit a time for that week, they will be awarded a 5 minute time penalty for that week’s track so as to keep rankings fairer for regular attendees.

Prize will be awarded to the entrant that posts the fastest overall time for all 4 tracks combined.

Kitkat purchases for Eugene_Goat remain optional (for now).

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