CSGO Scrim Results

The CS Scrim matches are complete, but the battle is FAR from over!

We finished our games in a perfect tie this evening, with game 1 lurching into overtime. Carole Baskin’s Tigers appropriately swiped the game in their favour after winning 4 consecutive rounds in overtime to take the victory.

However, after a stand-in of Snoweater20 on Carole Baskin’s Husbands, the team got the punch they needed to secure a convincing show in the second half of game two to level the playing field.

Both teams have vowed to reconvene again in the future, so watch this space for news on the rematch!

Huge thanks to Snoweater20 for working overtime to get the server configs just right for casting. Be sure to give him a follow over on his Twitch and keep eyes on our socials for the Youtube upload coming tomorrow! GGWP!

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